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The Most Flexible & Convenient Car Rental Agency in Gran Canaria

We don´t want you to experience a nightmare as I´ve experienced in the past when trying to rent a car in a simple and non-brainer way.

Why? Because most of the car rental agencies will lie to you online trying to hook you up and later, when you are at the airport trying to pick up your car and finish the contract agreement, they will try to charge for extra fees, extra insurances, deposits and so forth…

Trust me, it is disgusting not only waiting a long time in a qeue full of people just to realize that you are going to leave a lot of money for deposits that they initally “sold” you online, it was all-inclusive.

I don´t need to explain anymore, just check Autos Sansu reviews and leave yourself hope to rent a car in a super easy, transparent and honest way plus receiving a fully personalized attention and service from the very first moment you arrive in Gran Canaria.

We´ll be making everything easier for you. You won´t have to wait at the airport, we will be pesonally picking you up, delivering the car right next to the arrival gates and providing all the information you need so you will enjoy The Gran Canaria Experience tot he fullest.

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And if you have any questions before booking with us, reach out to us anytime sending a WhatsApp message at +34 659665802

We wish you all the best,

Autos Sansu Team.



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