Coming over Gran Canaria and feel the need to discover the island in an efficient, fun and well organized way.

We are going to show you how you can start discovering the top 10 natural areas in the island.

Coming over Gran Canaria is like a dream come true.

The Canary Islands are the Hawaii of Europe and it´s incredible fame from the history can be sum it up in few words:

  • The most incredible beaches of the world
  • It´s amazing and outstanding biodiversity and incredible nature
  • Plenty of option to enjoy outdoors with an unbeatable weather
  • Full range of entertainment activities
  • Health and Wellness for an incredible proactive lifestyle
  • Traditions and handicrafts to make your memories lasting forever
  • It´s incredible typical gastronomy and culture
  • Mini-continent in where South, Interior, Northwest and East are the perfect example of Earth stations

For all these reasons named above and much more, we can guaranteed that GRAN CANARIA and the whole CANARY ISLANDS deserve a chance to visit and get delighted by it´s incredible landscapes and environment.

Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu

Agaete natural swimming pools on winter


Nonetheless, we have to commit to what we have promised… Here it goes the top 10 natural areas to discover in Gran Canaria under 5 days:

  • Guayadeque: In an island full of ravines, the most popular and amazing one amongst them is Guayadeque, having more than 80 types of flowers and autochthonous plants. If this was less, this valley was an important Aboriginal site, and many of the caves you will see on the walls of this canyon are footprints of the pre-Hispanic past.
  • Tamabada: It´s known for its fabulous natural pine woods filled with local pine trees. The scarps, ravines, massifs and the breathtaking views to el Teide mountain (3.718 m) (Tenerife) will leave you stunned.
  • Maspalomas Dunes: It´s by far the most visited and iconic place of Gran Canaria for being totally spectacular and incredible. In the Charca de Maspalomas (the pond of Maspalomas) and in the Palmeral (Palm tree area) -they are both form a part of this NPA-, you can come across endemic species like the Lagarto Gigante de Gran Canaria (giant lizard) or the Abubilla (bird of the desert) and various other migratory birds.
  • Roque Nublo: The symbolic and iconic basaltic rock crowning Gran Canaria stands approximately 2000 meters tall and is absolutely majestic. At the highest point of the island, you can not ignore other characteristic rock formations like the Bentayga rock.
  • Los Tilos de Moya: Would you like to know about the vegetation during the Dinosaur era? The Laurel Forest is a humid and dense type of forest belonging to the tertiary era. They are formed by different species (laurels, viñátigo, til, barbuzano, palo blanco, amongst others). Today, you can find Laurel Forests only in subtropical areas; in Europe exclusively and Gran Canaria still preserves its small laurel corner. Are you planning to miss out on this amazing gift of nature?


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