First of all, I would like to appreciate this moment to thank you for trusting in Autos Sansu Experience.

We are at the right moment to get the best of both synergy and create an outstanding and amazing local

Tour operator in the island of Gran Canaria.


The Gran Canaria Experience arises from the need for providing the most  unique and incredible experiences without

The nightmare to deal with biggest players that play around and get you busted…

Look up at the recent case of Thomas Cook and how many people had to get back just because they´ve got control.

That´s unfortunately wicked and awful.


The Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu brings a new way of traveling to the island of Gran Canaria.

In here, you can search for flights, hotels, accommodation, transport such as; rent a car, private transfer, rent a scooter, etc.

We guaranteed the best packages at the best prices. No hidden cost nor deposits and tricky conditions.

We play clear, safe and with the best to you.


The Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu is your best travel provider at the time to come over Gran Canaria.

We are located at Luis Morote, 48, 35007.


We are in touch.