autos sansu experience

We are honored to present that we will be working with the scooter and bike rental in Las Palmas. We are expanding our services to bring to you the best experiences and attention when you are on Gran Canaria island. New Honda PCX125 models available now! Book yours and get a different and fun experience to discover Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

It is the 125cc scooter, the one model that most of the time we have been asked for to bring to our customers in Autos Sansu Experience. You can drive the type of scooters with the car driver license “B” and it qualifies to ride a Motorbike/Scooter up to 125cc and 15 horsepower when you accumulate 3 years or longer on experience in the past.

This is one of the main reasons that encourage people to rent a Scooter rather than a car. Another advantage to it is that the mobility with a scooter or motorbike is much comfortable and simple to move around. Another issue on top of that, it is that nowadays, we experience a tons of troubles due to paid public parking areas focused on cars. On the other side, with a scooter you can get free parking on hundreds of different spaces and areas across the island reserved for motorcycle parking lot. 

This is a huge advantage, specially in the city centre where you can discover every single place in less time and less effort, becoming a huge differentiator on your time and commodity. Hence, and on top of all, the weather in the Canary Islands are just wonderful and most sunny being a favorable factor for biking and makes each riding on the Gran Canaria island, a completely pleasure of emotions.