Visiting one of the most outstanding places on the island, the statue of Neptune (Poseidon) located right off Melenara Beach, in the village of Melenara, few kilometers away from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.
The avenue of Melenara Beach is truly a calm and chill place to walk down with your fiancé, family, or friends. As soon as you cross the path, you will be able to see and appreciate the king of the sea guarding, Poseidon guarding off the east coast of the island of Gran Canaria.
The Poseidon Statue has a long story behind its back. The sculptor Luis Arencibia built the Atlantic glint with personal meaning and explanation as you can see through the eyes. As a kid, Luis (the artist) used to swim out to the volcanic rock in which the Poseidon Statue is located that poked out over the sea on the south side of Melenara Beach, in Telde, Gran Canaria.

This magnificent piece of art was created through a four-meter high bronze sculpture of Neptune that still towers over the zone to this day, allowing the king of the seas to look out over his “kingdom” from his watchtower.
Melenara Beach represents its own particular biography. This place is well known for being a place for tranquil and happy people, of still waters and a peaceful environment to relax and breathe pure air from the Atlantic Ocean. The story of Luis Arencibia (the sculptor), who raised the king of the seas onto this stone throne on the water´s surface truly demonstrates just how each place, village demonstrated area along the island possesses its own particular heritage and signature.
Ultimately, the same living proof is written daily on the raw and fine sand of mostly volcanic origin along the coast of Telde, a coastline in which the sun is nearly an ever-present, shining upon a dreamful landscape of happy tales and sounds.