Autos Sansu Rent a Car

Autos Sansu Rent a Car is your best and local car hire agency on the island of Gran Canaria.

With over 40 years of experience, we are looking forward to delivering and providing the best conditions on the market, best prices and personalized attention to inspire travelers to own the best companion over the island.

We are beyond average, we are a special car rental making everything easier and better for your comfort. Our conditions are unbeatable through clear and completed final prices, without playing insurances out, taking deposits nor franchise costs neither excess applications.

Just clear and simple as it goes. You make your booking online for FREE, we will get back to you with the final quote and explaining everything in detail.

We will arrange the meeting point and time, and we will be delivering the car wherever and whenever you need it the most.

And just like that, you are part of the best car rental family agency on the entire Canary Islands!


What To Do and See In Tejeda (Gran Canaria) | Autos Sansu Experience Travel Guide

Tejeda, a picturesque village at the foot of El Roque Nublo in Gran Canaria


The interior of Gran Canaria keeps unforgettable treasure villages such as Tejeda, officially known as one of the best villages in Spain. And to be fair, it is completely honest and true.

You will be able to see deep ravines and Incredibles routes and walk the path to relish yourself along the day.

Without a doubt, Tejeda is a dreamful village surrounded by outstanding mountains, great vegetation, and unbeatable weather conditions that creates a surreal landscape.

We can even see the neighboring island of Tenerife in front of us. If we continue to hike “El Roque Nublo”, we will have access to one of the most iconic natural sights at 2000 meters above the sea surface. You will feel like you are in a cotton cloud, due to the peak of altitude, and leaving clouds below our feet, this outstanding natural cliff is a place to forget about past and future and merely focus on the present NOW.

To be fair, reaching out to the peak of “El Roque Nublo” is about 20 minutes walk from the parking lot. It is not a difficult path and it is suitable to walk on for anybody.

The real issue and best solution to reach out to Tejeda should be by taking private transport and move accordingly to your needs. Whether you are staying in the south of the island (Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Anfi del Mar, Puerto Rico, Tauro or Mogán) or on the other hand, you are based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or north side of the island, you will still need transport to reach out the interior of the island.

If you are thinking about where to rent a car and you need a reliable, trustworthy and honest local car rental hire to have your back covered, Autos Sansu Experience will be there to deliver to you the highest quality services and personalized attention you will ever receive in the island of Gran Canaria. Plus, there is not excess, deposit nor franchise attached to the contract agreement, so the procedure is simple, easy and with the best conditions ever!

Just a quick example of how you can rent with Autos Sansu in this video below!

Hope you like it and do not forget to book NOW for FREE at Autos Sansu 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the magnificent island of Gran Canaria!

Autos Sansu Team

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How Is Gran Canaria In December? Truly The Best Of The Europe

Welcome to the Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu

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Surfing In Gran Canaria


We already know that surfing in Gran Canaria is a truly unique experience.

It´s broad range of peculiar beaches all around the island makes your trip worthwhile.

Gran Canaria is known for be a great destination for surfing, wether you are a completely beginner or a highly advanced surfer.

The Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu make your dreams come true. If you wonder how to book the perfect hostel, how to arrange a car rental with no extra hidden cost and simple, personalized services and a cheap flight ticket to have everything sorted out and do not have to worry about anything else, Autos Sansu Experience is your best companion.

We want to welcome you to something incredible, something that we have been looking for a long long time and we are finally few steps ahead to make it real.

I know somehow, that my father will be proud from the stars.

For all of you guys who are wondering where to surf in Gran Canaria with the perfect waves, how to rent a car without expensive costs, how to stay in a cheap, friendly and top rated hostel and how to flight over from anywhere you are, please send us a message to contacto@autossansu.com

We will be guiding you through all the process without any cost. Until we build another simultaneous platform to connect and put everything together. We are looking forward to create THE GRAN CANARIA EXPERIENCE as your memories when you fly over the story island of Gran Canaria.

From Autos Sansu we want to thank you all for the support and we will be looking forward to bring you the best of the best with transparency, respect and cooperation.

Thank you.


let the adventure begin


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Canary Islands Weather

Gran canaria weather and best places to stay in the island


A visit to Gran Canaria is a dream come true for millions of people around the world. The magic of our beaches and the island´s pleasant character have captivated several generations of Europeans, who also value the diversity of our natural surroundings and the multicultural origins of our fiestas and traditions.

As a whole, the Canary Islands are known as the “Hawaii of Europe” and The Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu goes far beyond a simple holiday, it entails engaging with the customs of unique towns and villages, plus the chance to discover Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a wholly open, cosmopolitan and modern city offering a huge range of leisure, entertainment and shopping facilities. It also boasts a fine cultural and historical heritage, and a living vitality that can be felt around its streets, making your journey over the story island of Gran Canaria a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Sports are another real luxury in Gran Canaria, as they can be played every single month of the year. The surroundings seas are the ideal stage for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts to release some adrenaline by going surfing, windsurfing, deep sea diving and all sorts of nautical and aquatic pursuits. Or if you prefer, let yourself be captivated by the sheer majesty of the mountains and ravines which have provided a stunning backdrop for hikers, cyclists and climbers in search of their perfect escape.

Eating out in Gran Canaria is like tasting a piece of history. Bathed in the Atlantic ocean, ours is a rich and fertile island, where our warming sun plays a key role in helping to grow products unique to the island, sculpting a traditional recipe book with subtle hints of Europe and Latin America, due to their sentimental proximity, and Africa, for its geographical proximity. 

Autos Sansu as a reliable and trust-worthy travel agent for the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, we take the opportunity to thank you for choosing us for your holidays, and I invite you to be swept away by our fairytale island, with gorgeous landscapes that change around every corner, and which will provide you with a sumptuous gallery of ever-lasting memories.

Tamadaba natural park

Parque Natural Tamadaba – Gran Canaria Island

Maspalomas Dunes Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Maspalomas Dunes – Best Gran Canaria Weather and Things To Do On The Island

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Best Places To Stay In Gran Canaria. Discover This Top 5 Hostels In Las Palmas…

If you are looking for reliable information about where to stay in Gran Canaria island with an affordable budget, this is the right place!

This a pure real footage of Playa de Las Canteras on first point of view. One of the best urban beaches on the world. Check out all the information you need to know about Las Canteras Beach https://miplayadelascanteras.com/



So, first of all, I want to thank you for tipping Gran Canaria off your list.

I am pretty sure that you´d fall in love with this little story island called Gran Canaria.

The capital of Gran Canaria, is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, an amazing and extraordinary city in which you can feel the real culture and atmosphere.

If you are wondering and planning your trip over Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and you are looking for a reliable, trust-worthy and the best car rental in the island, we (Autos Sansu) and myself Roberto will be supporting you with the best conditions and prices to move with a private transport around Gran Canaria.

You can see that words are cheap and it is pretty easy to promote your business on your blog but we are giving to you this information, first because it is true, we are the top rated on Google reviews Car Rental In Gran Canaria, and second, because we are a local and familiar rental car business that have been in the market for over 35 years.

So… we know what we do and we do it for the best of you, so you can enjoy your stance over the island of Gran Canaria with pleasure, joy and calmness.

Now, we are going to show you what are the best places to stay in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).

  1. Avocado Surf Hostel Gran Canaria

Avocado Surf Hostel is one of a kind. This brilliant hostel is located in C/El Salvador, 7, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

You can book directly through it´s website and you will get an incredible experience living the city as it shines during the day and night.

You can basically wake up, put your wetsuit on and be ready to enjoy the amazing waves of Playa de Las Canteras and “La Cicer” within 20 meters ahead.


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Best Scooter Rental Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

– Where Is The Best Scooter Rental in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria –

One of the top best scooter and motorbike rental in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, can be found at The Autos Sansu Experience Las Palmas .

We are now extending our personalized services range. We have brought the amazing new HONDA PCX125 available to ride with the “B” driver license permit.

So now, you do not have to look any further to pick up your best scooter rental in Gran Canaria, concretely in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Prices are fully completed and we deliver and pick up anywhere, anytime.

We also do provide FREE equipment such as helmets and jackets.

So, do not wait until the few models are gone booked and get yours now booking directly to:

  • contacto@autossansu.com
  • roberto_jsd@hotmail.com
  • autossansu@gmail.com

We are located in C/Luis Morote, 48, 35007, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

📞 + 34 650279906 (What´sApp messages service)

📧 autossansu@gmail.com


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Rent a Car In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Near Me

First of all my friend, welcome to Gran Canaria! 🙂

Maybe you are wondering what to do and how do you move around the island by just renting a car near me or anywhere.

Do not worry, we´ve got your back completely covered… The Autos Sansu Experience in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is your best option when you are trying to rent a car or hire a private transfer/chauffeur.

I have particularly been completely exhausted trying to explain that nowadays, it is a madness trying to book a car online without suffering inadequate consequences.

If you are a person like me that before traveling away, you just want to make sure that you won´t get any wrong surprises at the accommodation that you booked or any other stuff that could lead you and your family in a nightmare vacation.

We do not want that and Autos Sansu in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is completely aware of your best comfort so we are willing to get you anytime, anywhere an available car rental service or private taxi/transfer to move around the Gran Canaria island (Canary Islands).

Feel free to reach us out to get your booking sorted for FREE without paying deposit nor franchise nor excess nor crazy conditions beforehand.

Firstly, we will give to you the final price so you won´t pay anymore. We do have got the best prices and the best reviews from our customers in Autos Sansu.

Get back to us on:




+34 659665802

+34 928221242

Autos Sansu Review

Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo Scenery

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Scooter and Motorbike Rental In Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

New and innovative way to discover the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a scooter and motorbike rental pioneer on the island of Gran Canaria.

  • Why To Choose Autos Sansu Experience To Discover and Enjoy Gran Canaria To The Fullest?

Now, Autos Sansu Experience is providing to the most adventurous customers that are willing to enjoy the island in a different but exciting perspective riding a new HONDA PCX125 scooter rental.

Check it out by your own:

  • Get in contact with us to know further details
  • We will deliver the bike to you at any time, anywhere
  • Personalized services and free kilometers



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Scooter and Bike Rental Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

New Scooter and Motorbike Rental in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Book your Honda PCX125 and start discovering the island with a different and fun experience on bike!
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ERC Rally Gran Canaria 2019

It´s that time again to celebrate one of the most important stages for the European Rally Championship.

The ERC Rally Gran Canaria is here once again to deliver the most incredible memories to the motor fanatics that are looking forward to get the best experiences in the story island of Gran Canaria.

If you are thinking to come over the island and start enjoying the rally and at the same time, looking for a trip to the most iconic places and villages around the island, in Autos Sansu we want to provide the most incredible rent a car services in the Gran Canaria island.

It would be a mess to do not rent a car in the island if you want to move around and appreciate the rally anytime, anywhere.

Second, days off are to enjoy to the fullest or just lay down on the natural beaches located at the south of the island.

The possibilities are endless but one thing is guaranteed; Gran Canaria has got an incredible cultural, gastronomic and scenery background ready to be discovered.

Come and join us to support the rally spirit in this 2019.

Incredible weather, outstanding landscapes and wonderful memories to collect are awaiting in the story island of Gran Canaria.

Book you car now on https://www.autossansu.com

Get the best prices, conditions and personalized attention to delight the rally in a proper spot!

We are located in C/Luis Morote, 48, 35007

📞 +34 659665802 / +34 928221242

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