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Rent a Car In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Near Me

First of all my friend, welcome to Gran Canaria! 🙂

Maybe you are wondering what to do and how do you move around the island by just renting a car near me or anywhere.

Do not worry, we´ve got your back completely covered… The Autos Sansu Experience in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is your best option when you are trying to rent a car or hire a private transfer/chauffeur.

I have particularly been completely exhausted trying to explain that nowadays, it is a madness trying to book a car online without suffering inadequate consequences.

If you are a person like me that before traveling away, you just want to make sure that you won´t get any wrong surprises at the accommodation that you booked or any other stuff that could lead you and your family in a nightmare vacation.

We do not want that and Autos Sansu in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is completely aware of your best comfort so we are willing to get you anytime, anywhere an available car rental service or private taxi/transfer to move around the Gran Canaria island (Canary Islands).

Feel free to reach us out to get your booking sorted for FREE without paying deposit nor franchise nor excess nor crazy conditions beforehand.

Firstly, we will give to you the final price so you won´t pay anymore. We do have got the best prices and the best reviews from our customers in Autos Sansu.

Get back to us on:




+34 659665802

+34 928221242

Autos Sansu Review

Roque Nublo Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo Scenery

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Scooter and Motorbike Rental In Las Palmas De Gran Canaria

New and innovate way to discover the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a scooter and motorbike rental pioneer in the island of Gran Canaria.

  • Why To Choose Autos Sansu Experience To Discover and Enjoy Gran Canaria To The Fullest?

Now, Autos Sansu Experience is providing to the most adventurous customers that are willing to enjoy the island in a different but excited perspective riding a new HONDA PCX125 scooter rental.

Check it out by your own:

  • Get in contact with us to know further details
  • We will deliver the bike to you at any time, any where
  • Personalized services and free kilometers



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Scooter and Bike Rental Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

New Scooter and Motorbike Rental in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Book your Honda PCX125 and start discovering the island with a different and fun experience on bike!
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ERC Rally Gran Canaria 2019

It´s that time again to celebrate one of the most important stages for the European Rally Championship.

The ERC Rally Gran Canaria is here once again to deliver the most incredible memories to the motor fanatics that are looking forward to get the best experiences in the story island of Gran Canaria.

If you are thinking to come over the island and start enjoying the rally and at the same time, looking for a trip to the most iconic places and villages around the island, in Autos Sansu we want to provide the most incredible rent a car services in the Gran Canaria island.

It would be a mess to do not rent a car in the island if you want to move around and appreciate the rally anytime, anywhere.

Second, days off are to enjoy to the fullest or just lay down on the natural beaches located at the south of the island.

The possibilities are endless but one thing is guaranteed; Gran Canaria has got an incredible cultural, gastronomic and scenery background ready to be discovered.

Come and join us to support the rally spirit in this 2019.

Incredible weather, outstanding landscapes and wonderful memories to collect are awaiting in the story island of Gran Canaria.

Book you car now on https://www.autossansu.com

Get the best prices, conditions and personalized attention to delight the rally in a proper spot!

We are located in C/Luis Morote, 48, 35007

📞 +34 659665802 / +34 928221242

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Gran Canaria and The Top 5 Best Things To Do

Gran Canaria has got the most outstanding natural spots in the Canary Islands.

Anywhere you go, you will find exclusive and peculiar hidden places to evade yourself from reality.

The weather is one of the best around the world. Averages of 20 to 30 degrees make this place a complete paradise on Earth.

Next, I will attach few places that you can enjoy discovering around of Gran Canaria.


  1. Roque Nublo

El Roque Nublo is one of the most iconic mountains in the island. Belonging to the village of Tejeda, reaching out one of the top spots of the islands, the experience is at least, surreal.

This natural rocky scenery formed thousands years ago, it still is one of the best places to visit on the island. You can leave your car parked at the entrance of the natural monumental and basically, within 50 meters ahead, you can start out “hiking” all the way up to the top.

Difficulty is moderate and you do not need fancy clothes, gears or stuff like that to embrace the top and discover a different atmosphere. I could continue explaining but words are cheap and the best way to experience it is by discovering it and get delighted by mother Nature.


2. Agaete Natural Swimming Pools

Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu

 Agaete is an incredible village located on the North side of the Gran Canaria island. As soon as you come over the village, you will start noticing that all houses are on white and the tranquility on the atmosphere is unique and unbeatable. 

From there on, you can take the ferry and connect to Tenerife island (it will take approximately 50 minutes) and you can bring your car with yourself and discover Tenerife as well. 

The most iconic part of Agaete village should be the natural swimming pools as you can perfectly see on the image above. Incredible place surrounded by the mountains and sneaky and fun roads to make your journey over the story island of Gran Canaria well-worthy.


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Rent a Car Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Rent a car with the best car hire agency in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Full completed prices, no excess, no deposit and guaranteed conditions to make everything easier.

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Discover The Story Island Of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has been known for the story island of the Hesperides Gardens, past in the mythology.

Whenever you think, it´s real and we will show you how to reveal your truly most intense memories in this paradise on Earth.

It is not casualty that this is one of the top travel destinations in Europe, also known as the Hawaii Islands of Europe.

Massive outstanding sceneries and landscapes beautifully painted…

You can move around the island quite easily and every place and municipio you go, you will see the inner essence of it.

The people are just warm and welcoming and you will feel like the time is stopped and you are over cotton clouds! 🙂

I´m not kidding… Indeed, I would not know where I´d be if I was not born in Gran Canaria! 😛

If you are fully committed to start delighting your most incredible senses, start planning your trip over the island and make sure you get your back covered with Autos Sansu and The Gran Canaria Experience www.autossansu.com 

Book your car or private transfer with the best prices and conditions completely guaranteed.

Send us a booking message on contacto@autossansu.com

All the best,

Autos Sansu Team.

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Gran Canaria Airport Transfer

Still Wondering Where To Get Your Private Transport In Gran Canaria Airport?

Get your transfer sorted out with Autos Sansu

✅ 100% Guaranteed the lowest prices in the island

✅ Highest Quality Services

✅ Personalized Attention

✅ 24/7/365 Available Service

✅ Fully Flexible to your requests


Autos Sansu has been over 35 years in the automobile industry. Specializing at first on the car rental services, Autos Sansu is offering Chauffeur Drive and get the opportunity to enjoy Gran Canaria with the luxury of a chauffeur transfer without being waiting for long time to pick you up and with an impecable and clear services ensuring the lowest price and the highest quality we bring!

We´ll be waiting at the airport, cruise port, or anywhere you desire when you arrive and return you to the airport or the cruise port as well.

Our purpose and values as a trusted-worthy company is to transmit and provide the highest and personalized quality services as soon as you land or arrive to the story island of Gran Canaria.

Discover infinities experiences and possibilities to relief yourself and start feeling again.

Gran Canaria is a story island belonged to the Canary Islands in the western coast of Africa.

With an incredible and one of the best weather on the world, the Canary Islands positions themselves as the Hawaii of Europe.

If you want to pursue an amazing trip with an incredible culture and unforgettable memories to bring back home, contact us to contacto@autossansu.com or sansurentacar@gmail.com and we will provide the most helpful information about the island completely for FREE and without needing to book our services in advanced.

We are completely focused to deliver to the tourism the realest and greatest information about the story island of Gran Canaria

All the best,

Autos Sansu Team.

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The Top 5 Natural Areas In Gran Canaria To Discover Under 3 Days

Coming over Gran Canaria and feel the need to discover the island in an efficient, fun and well organized way.

We are going to show you how you can start discovering the top 10 natural areas in the island.

Coming over Gran Canaria is like a dream come true.

The Canary Islands are the Hawaii of Europe and it´s incredible fame from the history can be sum it up in few words:

  • The most incredible beaches of the world
  • It´s amazing and outstanding biodiversity and incredible nature
  • Plenty of option to enjoy outdoors with an unbeatable weather
  • Full range of entertainment activities
  • Health and Wellness for an incredible proactive lifestyle
  • Traditions and handicrafts to make your memories lasting forever
  • It´s incredible typical gastronomy and culture
  • Mini-continent in where South, Interior, Northwest and East are the perfect example of Earth stations

For all these reasons named above and much more, we can guaranteed that GRAN CANARIA and the whole CANARY ISLANDS deserve a chance to visit and get delighted by it´s incredible landscapes and environment.


Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu

Agaete natural swimming pools on winter


Nonetheless, we have to commit to what we have promised… Here it goes the top 10 natural areas to discover in Gran Canaria under 5 days:

  • Guayadeque: In an island full of ravines, the most popular and amazing one amongst them is Guayadeque, having more than 80 types of flowers and autochthonous plants. If this was less, this valley was an important Aboriginal site, and many of the caves you will see on the walls of this canyon are footprints of the pre-Hispanic past.
  • Tamabada: It´s known for its fabulous natural pine woods filled with local pine trees. The scarps, ravines, massifs and the breathtaking views to el Teide mountain (3.718 m) (Tenerife) will leave you stunned.
  • Maspalomas Dunes: It´s by far the most visited and iconic place of Gran Canaria for being totally spectacular and incredible. In the Charca de Maspalomas (the pond of Maspalomas) and in the Palmeral (Palm tree area) -they are both form a part of this NPA-, you can come across endemic species like the Lagarto Gigante de Gran Canaria (giant lizard) or the Abubilla (bird of the desert) and various other migratory birds.
  • Roque Nublo: The symbolic and iconic basaltic rock crowning Gran Canaria stands approximately 2000 meters tall and is absolutely majestic. At the highest point of the island, you can not ignore other characteristic rock formations like the Bentayga rock.
  • Los Tilos de Moya: Would you like to know about the vegetation during the Dinosaur era? The Laurel Forest is a humid and dense type of forest belonging to the tertiary era. They are formed by different species (laurels, viñátigo, til, barbuzano, palo blanco, amongst others). Today, you can find Laurel Forests only in subtropical areas; in Europe exclusively and Gran Canaria still preserves its small laurel corner. Are you planning to miss out on this amazing gift of nature?


In order to discover the island of Gran Canaria and get your best EXPERIENCE, Autos Sansu will be providing to you the best car rental service in the island and private taxi/transfers so you do not have to worry about hidden fees, deposits, franchises and neutral services than basically it does not provide to you any added value to your journey over the island.

In Autos Sansu, our purposes and values are the best in the market right now:

  • Personalized attention 24/7/365
  • Fair prices without Deposits nor Franchises
  • All inclusive within the prices
  • Fully comprehensive insurance
  • FREE Booking and Cancellations
  • FREE Baby Seats, Accesories, Maps and Guidance


BOOK your car NOW for FREE through https://www.autossansu.com

Or you can email us directly to contacto@autossansu.com / sansurentacar@gmail.com

You can tell us when you are coming over and we will be pleased to help you out with your mobility throughout the island!

Visit Gran Canaria with upper hand of Autos Sansu supporting your journey completely flexible without worrying anymore.


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10 Things You Need To Know To Save Over 800 Euros In Gran Canaria

10 Simple Things To Start Saving Money When You Plan To Come Over Gran Canaria.

– An Original Written Post By Our Friend Richard Smith Peroly – Regular Customer Of Autos Sansu

Yes, we are completely aware of what it is to plan your trip beforehand. Sometimes it is a pain on the neck the merely fact of booking everything and pray that everything is going to be all right…

But, there are some external issues that unfortunately we can not get into control.

Recently, I went for vacation to Germany and whilst I was back home checking out the accommodation, the rental car agency booking system, the transport itself and so forth, I immediately understood that what you see on the web, it is most of the time, completely unclear or even FAKE!

I had everything tested and I decided to book a car in one of the most “well-known” car hire company in Germany and the world. Ok, I knew it was a franchise and they need to freeze deposit money on your credit card account. Even though, I was taking the full insurances to the car, they requested me to leave 800 euros deposit on the account.

To be honest with you, I did not pleasely like the idea of leaving deposit of 800 euros in an external account but it was a request I needed to accept if I wanted to rent the car and move around.

Anyways, after the reservation, when I landed over Germany and went straight away to the rental office department, I had to wait over 45 minutes to get everything done with a sketchy behavior from employees position and literally being treated such as a idiot…

I did not like the procedures of the company but I had to take the car and get off of it.

I booked a Seat Ibiza for 3 days and the original price that I booked on the web was 75 euros with all inclusive. Finally, when I went to pay it, the price was 98 euros  😳 because they “tried” to explain me that the price was without counting the 3 days full insurance prices… Anyways, I agreed for necessity and “finally” I could pick up the car and start my short period vacation straight away.

After 3 lovely days discovering Berlin and its surroundings, I went to return back the car at the airport reception hall and office and had to wait over 55 minutes to get everything sorted out and with a massive fear feeling of missing my flight…

I returned the car as I picked up. Previously, it had 3 scratches that the employee of the company wrote down on the contract agreement so there was not issue. I spoke with them about the 800 euros deposit that they took me so I can receive it back on my account. Initially they said that there was not problem about it and it will take between 24-48 hours to get it back.

That was 17 days ago… And I am still without my money and feeling completely chaffed. I have been calling the administration and they do not provide me any solution. Now, they say that the money is between the 2 banks and they can not nothing about it.

… WHAT????!!!!…

PLEASE guys, this is a message of clarity and understanding of this indecent process taken away by thief and scams.











Book now on www.autossansu.com or send us an email to contacto@autossansu.com or sansurentacar@gmail.com



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