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Gran Canaria is probably the most diverse and versatile place on planet Earth. Well, that is just too much of an assumption, haha.

But we can all agree on the majesty of this place. From sand dunes to fairy-tale forests and green mountains, covering unbeatable landscapes with its glorious sunrises and sunsets.

We have put a subjective but truly objective list of places in Gran Canaria you can’t miss.

Discover this paradise and never doubt to contact us to keep your best car rental experience ever.

1. Roque Nublo Natural Rural Park

Gran Canaria offers more than just sun and sand. This natural park is definitely a must to visit. When you get into the center of the island, surrounded by Canary pine woods with over 26,000 hectares, becoming it the largest natural reserve area in Gran Canaria.

The “king” of the Crown in this natural park is El Roque Nublo. A natural monolith that stands over 1800 metres above sea level, offering a stunning landscape and view on a clear day. There are different paths and ways to reach by foot, so check our “paths to Roque Nublo” for the trekking routes.

It is up to you if you decide to make this experience on your own or get the most of the experience through a professional mountain guide to really immerse you into the life and culture as you unlock local traditions.

After a day throughout the mountains, with a beautiful walk/hike to El Roque Nublo, there is nothing better than tasting the best local cuisine.

We always suggest a route through the most characterists villages of the heart of Gran Canaria, Artenara and Tejeda.

You can decide from which village you´d like to have lunch and enjoy the sun painting the sky. But we highly recommend you go down to Tejeda town and enjoy a typical dessert in one of the most traditional local stores.

2. Puerto de Mogán

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