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How Is Gran Canaria In December? Truly The Best Of The Europe

Welcome to the Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu

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Surfing In Gran Canaria


We already know that surfing in Gran Canaria is a truly unique experience.

It´s broad range of peculiar beaches all around the island makes your trip worthwhile.

Gran Canaria is known for be a great destination for surfing, wether you are a completely beginner or a highly advanced surfer.

The Gran Canaria Experience with Autos Sansu make your dreams come true. If you wonder how to book the perfect hostel, how to arrange a car rental with no extra hidden cost and simple, personalized services and a cheap flight ticket to have everything sorted out and do not have to worry about anything else, Autos Sansu Experience is your best companion.

We want to welcome you to something incredible, something that we have been looking for a long long time and we are finally few steps ahead to make it real.

I know somehow, that my father will be proud from the stars.

For all of you guys who are wondering where to surf in Gran Canaria with the perfect waves, how to rent a car without expensive costs, how to stay in a cheap, friendly and top rated hostel and how to flight over from anywhere you are, please send us a message to contacto@autossansu.com

We will be guiding you through all the process without any cost. Until we build another simultaneous platform to connect and put everything together. We are looking forward to create THE GRAN CANARIA EXPERIENCE as your memories when you fly over the story island of Gran Canaria.

From Autos Sansu we want to thank you all for the support and we will be looking forward to bring you the best of the best with transparency, respect and cooperation.

Thank you.


let the adventure begin


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