Travel To Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Move all through the island easily by car or motorcycle. Feel complete liberty to move wherever and whenever you want with Autos Sansu Experience”

To move around the asphalt of the island is not complicated at all, but with our indications it will be much easier.


There Are Two Main Highways in Gran Canaria

GC-1 “Autovía del Sur” (South Highway) it covers the distance starting from Las Palmas de G.C. passing through the entire east coast of the island up to Puerto de Mogán. GC-2 “Autovía del Norte” (North Highway) recovers the distance from Las Palmas de GC passing through the entire north coast up to Agaete (located “El Puerto de las Nieves”). The beauty of this road it is the traditional landscape of the north shore, covering it up by a greener environment and fresher temperatures. Villages such as; San Felipe, Moya, Arucas, Gáldar, Agaete and all the way down to La Aldea make the experience of discovering the island a tremendous feeling of peace and connection with ourselves.


The Airport is Located Next to the GC-1 Highway

Between Las Palmas de GC and the tourist zones in the south, having directs exits to both directions. Autos Sansu delivers to you the cars at the airport of Gran Canaria, every day of the year at anytime, making your experience much more smoother.

Traditional rent a cars are becoming a truly nightmare due to it´s expensive and sneaky conditions, such as; high deposit or franchise payment, it is unclear the insurance policy in which they try to keep your money retained and long wait queues with a non-personalized service.

Autos Sansu works differently, our main purpose is to provide the best of the best for your experience in Gran Canaria. A rent a car as it should be, clear prices, non deposit nor franchise, clear and flexible conditions and incredible personalized attention so you can have the full support 24/7 during your time over the island.

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