Discover The Best 10 Places In Gran Canaria with Autos Sansu Rent a Car ➡️ 🚘📲


Visiting the Canary Islands archipiélago is a truly unique and enriched experience to absorb! This stunning destination is a part of Spain and geographically closer to West Africa Continent, mixing up all of these ingredients, which makes for a sun-soaked climate with balanced weather during the whole year, making it special for special holidays!

But there is not just the sun and its perfect harmonized weather than makes the Canary Islands so special, there’s actually many, many things of natural beauty, culture, and energies that are hidden all across the archipelago (forming a total of 8 islands). So we decided to create this infographic to share the most outstanding and greater things to do in Gran Canaria on your next trip or vacation!

The Canary Islands is formed by 8 islands with Gran Canaria being the third biggest and largest one. Overall, Gran Canaria is a pretty big island to explore and discover within few days, but you can stay longer to head across the whole island and stay in stunning and unforgettable villages that will make your soul touch the sky! 🙂


The perception that some people have of what Gran Canaria holiday is sometimes can be misleading, such as boozy bars, crowded beaches, and parties all day long, though, you can be on point depending on where you are at. But there are plenty of treasures where Nature, Universe, and Earth flow with each other!

Of course, there are a lot of places where there is a space for incredible and living nightlife and bars, but overall, Gran Canaria is far beyond well-known for a rich heritage and stunning scenery that often is overshadowed by this.

Now, it is time to get into the real stuff! We wanted to share our top 10 best places to visit on the island to help you see an unforgettable side of Gran Canaria´s soul. We are extremely excited and want to show part of Autos Sansu Rent a Car journey