When you visit Las Palmas and rent a car you can be sure to enjoy the following; modern vehicles, excellent customer service while in the premium fleet designed to suit any budget from holiday to economic treats and cheap discounted rates. There are cars for families or larger groups and individual travellers. Cancellations are also free if you do not wish to a hire a car in Las Palmas and the process is straightforward in case there is a change of mind. Some of the recognized brands that supply rental cars in Las Palmas are Renault, Ford, Seat or Opel.

Rent a Renault in Las Palmas

Services Available 

When making an online booking, you can select from a wide range of cars in their websites. When choosing a vehicle category, you should consider the following: enjoying the beautiful coastline of Las Palmas in convertibles or sports cars, for family members and their luggage they can consider spacious estates and 4 by 4s and navigating narrow island roads in compact and economical saloons. You must have held a full driving license for at least one year, and you must be above 18 in order for you to rent a car in Las Palmas.

Driver’s License Restrictions

Provided they are Latin scrip the EU driving license, and international licenses for European non-residents are also valid in Las Palmas. An international driving permit must also be issued if the above mentioned are not available. During the booking process you can also add extra drivers, and finally, when collecting your car rental, you will have to avail your driving license. Should you be involved in a road accident, you can contact the police on 112 and also inform your car rental booking office.

Scenic Island Drives

You can start by making short journey trips to Vegueta, the islands oldest district after collecting your car from the airport. There is a small museum commemorating the adventures of Christopher Columbus here since he also replenished his fleet in this area. You can later head to Agaete still with your rented car which has the beautiful white buildings for a relaxation spot in the north-west after soaking up the history of the islands discovery. You can later on travel to Roque Nubio-Gran Canarias cloud rock to finally round off your road trip. You have to navigate steep inclines interspersed with sharp bends since most of the roads around Las Palmas follow contours.

Climate and Temperature

This area has a variety of microclimates although it mostly enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year. Average degrees range from 18 degrees to 26 degrees from winter to summer, and this is a great temperature for travelers. This is because when they hire cars, they do not have to worry about snow or heavy rainfall regularly, meaning they can travel to the beach with their cars and not worry about accidents or not enjoying themselves because of rainfall.