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Best Rent a Car In Gran Canaria

Are you still looking for a reliable and trust-worthy rental car agency in the Canary Islands because you are tired of unfair prices and hardness conditions making a frozen credit card and spending your vacations like a nightmare?

We get you and we want to tell you that Autos Sansu not only rents cars, but provide a high quality service in which you can expect fairness, reliability and top conditions when you rent a car or hire a private taxi car to move around.

You can rent your car for 27 euros a day full completed price and if you do not want to drive or want to hire a personalized and private excursion to the most incredible places of the island that will transform your experience for the better.

Book now by sending an email to our email address: contacto@autossansu.com

Solve your doubts now if you want to spend the best time in the island. Do not be surrounded by scammed companies and be together with Autos Sansu.




Autos Sansu.

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How To Plan Your Trip To Gran Canaria

Travel To Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Move all through the island easily by car or motorcycle. Feel complete liberty to move wherever and whenever you want with Autos Sansu Experience”

To move around the asphalt of the island is not complicated at all, but with our indications it will be much easier.


There Are Two Main Highways in Gran Canaria

GC-1 “Autovía del Sur” (South Highway) it covers the distance starting from Las Palmas de G.C. passing through the entire east coast of the island up to Puerto de Mogán. GC-2 “Autovía del Norte” (North Highway) recovers the distance from Las Palmas de GC passing through the entire north coast up to Agaete (located “El Puerto de las Nieves”). The beauty of this road it is the traditional landscape of the north shore, covering it up by a greener environment and fresher temperatures. Villages such as; San Felipe, Moya, Arucas, Gáldar, Agaete and all the way down to La Aldea make the experience of discovering the island a tremendous feeling of peace and connection with ourselves.


The Airport is Located Next to the GC-1 Highway

Between Las Palmas de GC and the tourist zones in the south, having directs exits to both directions. Autos Sansu delivers to you the cars at the airport of Gran Canaria, every day of the year at anytime, making your experience much more smoother.

Traditional rent a cars are becoming a truly nightmare due to it´s expensive and sneaky conditions, such as; high deposit or franchise payment, it is unclear the insurance policy in which they try to keep your money retained and long wait queues with a non-personalized service.

Autos Sansu works differently, our main purpose is to provide the best of the best for your experience in Gran Canaria. A rent a car as it should be, clear prices, non deposit nor franchise, clear and flexible conditions and incredible personalized attention so you can have the full support 24/7 during your time over the island.

You can actually see what our customers have to say about Autos Sansu.

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Car Hire In Gran Canaria. Best Car Rental In Gran Canaria

Car Hire In Autos Sansu.

Why Autos Sansu?

Autos Sansu is the first car rental agency in Canary Islands in which you do not have to pay for deposit nor franchise when you want to rent a car with us. Our policy is simple, easy and clean. If you´re still wondering how to rent a car anywhere, anytime with best prices and best conditions (no deposit, no franchise, no excess, full insurances included, closed prices), check this out!





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Book Your Car For FREE!

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Contact Form Book Your Car And Get The Best Price

How To Book Your Car And Get The Best Price Online

Hi there folks, if you are currently searching on the web looking to hire a car in the Gran Canaria island, get in contact with us so you can get the best deal EVER!

Yes, we guarantee you to get the best price and best conditions in the Canary Island´s car rental market.

Our service is high-quality. We do deliver the cars anywhere around the island, our prices are closed prices with everything included. We do believe in fair trade, so we do not get franchise nor deposit nor frozen money on to your bank account.

Our main purpose is to make the car rental services simple. You pay what you use and you are in constant support with our services. If you need anything, we provide to you.

Below, it does attach the information to contact us and we are pleased to help you out.







0034 928221242

0034 659665802


All the best,


Autos Sansu.

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Get in contact with us to rent a car in Gran Canaria



All these emails provided are available to make the booking online.

We guarantee you the best deals, service and conditions at the time of renting a car in the island of Gran Canaria.

We have been working really hard to provide to you the best experience in your stay in this little paradise.

Nowadays it has become really difficult to find a reliable, confident and trust-worthy rental car agency due to the harsh conditions applied at the contract agreement.

They try to charge you additional fees, plus insurances, franchises, deposit and hidden credit car costs causing you a headache…

With Autos Sansu you can feel totally relaxed that you are not gonna pass through that headache.

We deliver our cars to our customers with a high-quality service and with the easiest facilities.

Autos Sansu is your best option of movement in Gran Canaria!

All the best,

Autos Sansu


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Book a Car With Us at sansurentacar@gmail.com

Dear folks!

The email provider for booking and reservation is sansurentacar@gmail.com

Apologizes for inconvenience and we look forward to see you at Autos Sansu.

The best.



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5 Things you must engage in while in Las Palmas

Visit Las Canteras Beach

This is one of the best city beaches in Spain according to tourists. This beach is normally mostly used by locals since it is unknown by the tourist crowd. The beach is always almost empty and fantastic during the winter days. Ranging from hammocks hires, life guards and drink sellers this area has all services and it there are also bars and restaurant where you can sit and enjoy the view and see breeze.


All surfers go to La Cicer which is another city beach. The sea current is strong, and in this area, there are all amenities that were available in Las Canteras. You can hire your equipment or get one-on-one lessons and learn how to surf in the several surf schools and shops available. You can play football on the beach with your family and friends, and there are also plenty of shop joints on the promenade area since the beaches are less crowded and more laid back.


Cultural Sites

The old town as earlier mentioned is worth visiting as much as the city at first might not seem very pretty. A plenty of old colonial buildings and the city’s cathedral that is constructed in the 18th century is also found in this city. Enjoy the calmness of the neighborhood, and you can also stroll around the cobble stoned streets. For those wishing to do a tapas stopover this area also offers a great culinary offer.

Visit Volcano Craters

At the meeting point of three municipalities known as the Santa Brigida, Las Palmas Canaria and Telde you will find the Caldera de Bandama. If you feel lazy to drive a car to the top of the Bandama’s peak where you have breathtaking views of the crater, there is a hiking path that you can follow. This region is full of geological wonders since this island is a volcanic one.

Engage in Local Cuisines

There are quite a lot of dishes that the Canaries offer ranging from ropa vieja to beinmedabe. There are also plenty of place that you can enjoy these delicacies. A small boiled potato with its skin and served with a spicy red sauce is the most famous delicacy known as Papas con. There is also a banana type known as Platano which is a favorite for its sweet to taste.

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Car Hire Deals in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

When you visit Las Palmas and rent a car you can be sure to enjoy the following; modern vehicles, excellent customer service while in the premium fleet designed to suit any budget from holiday to economic treats and cheap discounted rates. There are cars for families or larger groups and individual travellers. Cancellations are also free if you do not wish to a hire a car in Las Palmas and the process is straightforward in case there is a change of mind. Some of the recognized brands that supply rental cars in Las Palmas are Renault, Ford, Seat or Opel.

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